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Careful risk analysis

Choosing projects that have the best chance of success and will keep your investment secure are our priorities. Our on-the-ground teams build relationships with potential clients to understand and vet their business. Our in-house engineers measure actual energy usage and consider factors that could affect it.

Our engineers supervise our engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) partners to ensure their work meets our standards. If a roof is too fragile for a solar system, we hire experts for a structural upgrade to ensure that the solar system can be installed.

Partners we trust

Established partnerships with people and organizations we trust are what enable ecoligo to guarantee that project work will be exceptional. They step up to easily solve any issues or problems that arise.

Through our EPC partner program, we use a qualification system to check our partners’ workmanship, track record and the experience levels of staff. Our goal? To work with these partners long term and make sure we maintain high quality standards during the project’s installation. Our contracts with EPC partners cover technical performance and we get compensated in case of underperformance of a solar system.

Safeguarded solar systems

We have processes in place to manage issues that come up after we’ve installed the solar solution. Remote digital monitoring helps us immediately identify minor problems that can be managed by our local maintenace partners and on-the-ground teams. In addition, our solar systems are insured against the usual risks fixed assets can face.

ecoligo owns each solar system and its components. In the unlikely event that our customers can't pay, we have total control over what to do next. ecoligo's revenue comes from customers using solar energy, so it’s in our best interest to keep the systems running smoothly and safeguarding your investment.

How it works

Stable, secure locations

ecoligo works in countries with regulated energy markets. To ensure the emerging markets where you invest are safe, we carefully assess the physical, political and social conditions before we enter them. To determine a country’s risk, we consider the Euler Hermes country risk rating and only choose countries that are secure enough for our work and your investment. Our staff and strong network of partners with knowledge of local markets help us round out our research.

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Finance projects alone or in partnership with institutional lenders. Partnerships enable us to implement larger projects faster and have more impact.

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